Discover how we helped EquiSapien build their brand and develop a website. EquiSapien is an equine-assisted learning and development center that provides a setting where guided interactions with horses facilitate growth, learning, and healing.

What we've done

  • Branding

  • User interface & experience design

  • Web development & optimization

  • Landing page design

How we did it

Without any previous branding or designs, we started with a mood board from photographs provided by the company. From there, we found that the look and feel of EquiSapien should be similar to the feeling of stepping outdoors, falling deep into nature, and connecting with the land and animals. The color was inspired by the barn located at EquiSapien. This set a strong foundation for developing the brand.

We discussed the needs of the customer in terms of what is expected of the website and their goals as a business. We asked many questions: What message did they want to get across? Who is the audience? As we got answers, we were able to capture EquiSapien in three words 'Inspiring, Peaceful and Sustainable.'

After planning out the structure and running through iterations of concept design for the landing page and content pages, we were able to build out the rest of the website.

Level asked as to help

— Take their brand look to the next level

— Tailor UX to their client base

— Match their bold vision to the look to their company values

— Provide a framework that will help the team iterate faster & easier.

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